About Me!

I’m Lennin McClure, a 22 year old, Belfast born circus and performance artist. A graduate of the National Centre for Circus Arts, I specialise in the aerial arts, my main discipline being CloudSwing. My passion for the Performing Arts has led to training and performing in various art forms including Dance and Theatre, alongside Circus. As well as loving to perform and create pieces, I enjoy teaching circus, dance and theatre skills to young and old around the UK and Ireland.  I hope to be able to pass on my knowledge as I progress in my career. I am currently in the process of setting up my own children’s company ‘LittleBig Theatre Company’, focusing on intertwining Theatre, Circus, Dance and Visual Arts. With this company I want to create work that allows children to use their imagination. LittleBig Theatre Company’s mission is to create and perform shows that begin conversations between young people and their parents about those topics we don’t talk about in life.

Lennin McClure has been a member of Beat Carnival since he was 3years old. His first performance was handing out paper shamrocks to theatregoers

Lennin has a passion and determination to succeed and I look forward to watching his progress as an adult in his chosen career.


Operations Manager, Carnival Creations